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News Release - January 2003

High integrity safety systems company ICS Triplex of the UK has acquired the assets and technology of open automation software company AlterSys, as part of their strategy to become a key technology supplier of the automation industry. The newly formed subsidiary ICS Triplex ISaGRAF will be based in Canada .

The transaction which confirms the ICS Triplex continued positioning, initiated last year with the acquisition of the ABB TMR (Triple Modular Redundant) technology, shows a further indication of the will of ICS Triplex to remain the independent technology supplier to the automation arena.

The AlterSys technology ISaGRAF acquired, is a control software environment that enables the creation of local or distributed control systems. It is offered as a comprehensive range of process control and automation software packages, for use with high performance TMRs, DCSs (Distributed Control Systems) and embedded controllers for PLCs and industrial PCs.

AlterSys CEO, Julien Chouinard, stated, "There was a natural compatibility between the strong ICS Triplex technology focus and the philosophy behind the development of ISaGRAF. Its fast penetration technology was calling for a worldwide support organisation and financial stability that ICS Triplex was able to provide."

ICS Triplex is a £30m (US$45m) global company that provides fault-tolerant control systems for industries which demand critical control, safety shutdown, fire and gas monitoring, such as oil drilling, production and refining, nuclear power generation and rocket launch control. Its market leading product Trusted™ is based on a proprietary technology in which 64 bit processors give 1msec sequence of event resolution, yet ensure exceptional availability by multiple-level fault detection and fault tolerance. ICS Triplex has integrated ISaGRAF for a number of years, including the development of its IEC-61131 Tool Set and Validators. The strategy being implemented by ICS Triplex's management is two fold and includes plans for further acquisitions.

CEO, Peter Mottershead, explains,"We have restructured so that we have a clear definition between customer service and application expertise on one hand and providing products and technologies on the other. The AlterSys team and technology is a first class strategic fit with our global manufacturing position. The newly formed subsidiary ICS Triplex ISaGRAF will be based in Canada . It is a good central location for our worldwide markets. All highly motivated key personnel involved in the success of the ISaGRAF product range are staying with the company. ICS Triplex is now supplying key automation technologies to most automation vendors in the world."

While manufacturing operates on a global scale, service and support is necessarily far more regional. ICS Triplex is steadily strengthening this aspect of its business both organically and by acquisition. ISaGRAF users world-wide will greatly benefit from this.

"Customer service is vital in our markets, because one size does not fit all," explains Mottershead. "Our growing range of products is designed to be highly configurable and to conform to all appropriate global standards. To use such advanced technology effectively, high levels of support are needed in the field, hence our commitment to service as well as manufacturing."