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Introducing ISaGRAF 6

ISaGRAF 6 leverages the powerful Microsoft® Visual Studio® Shell and offers an unprecedented environment for OEMs and automation vendors to create differentiated products for their markets.

ISaGRAF 6 screenBased on an open plug-in technology designed specifically for industrial automation needs, the ISaGRAF 6 Workbench is a modular and flexible environment that allows users to add or remove components. Every component in the Workbench was developed with and interacts through ISaGRAF's new Microsoft .NET® Framework-based technology called the Automation Collaborative Platform (ACP).

ISaGRAF 6 contains numerous plug-ins. The core of the product includes a Ladder Diagram editor, a Function Block Diagram (FBD) editor, a Structured Text editor, a Tag Database editor (Dictionary), an integrated HMI (ISaVIEW), plus several other auxiliary plug-ins. The ISaGRAF ACP provides the ability to add or remove the various plug-ins to meet specific automation product requirements. Other languages will be added to complete the IEC 61131 suite.

The plug-in architecture also enables the addition of other market-specific programming languages. For example, ISaGRAF will be offering a SAMA Diagram Editor plug-in for the power generation industry.

ISaGRAF 6 screenISaGRAF 6 now includes a new free version, consisting of the ISaGRAF Free Firmware running on XP Embedded, 32- and 64-bit
Windows XP®, Windows Vista® & Windows 7®, and a fully functioning version of the ISaGRAF workbench, with which developers can create complete applications.

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