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Runtime Target

Control Runtime Engine (Runtime target, Virtual Machine)

Specialized and optimized for high performance control applications, the Control engine is analogous to Java. It executes the TIC (Target Independent Code) generated by the application development environment. It can run applications with scan cycles below the millisecond. Available for all major operating systems (NT, RTX, CE, LINUX, VxWORKS, QNX, OS9, ThreadX, PSOS etc.), it can also be ported to other OS or hardware platform using the porting kit.

The virtual machine (virtual PLC) reads variables and I/O points, executes your process control application, and writes to variables and I/O points in a cyclic loop.

I/O drivers are used to interface with various field equipments using standard protocols.

When a failover mechanism is defined, the specified primary and secondary targets communicate constantly in order to determine the current status (active or standby). The standby controller is ready to take over within one scan cycle.