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Development Toolkit

The ISaGRAF Development Toolkit empowers high volume equipment manufacturers to create many different runtime engines, using the standard Application Workbench, to build robust embedded systems.

A full set of Development Toolkit products are available for customization of the Runtime Target, including:
· System interface
· Communication interface
· I/O interface
· Function block interface
· IXL Interface
· Customization tools for the Workbench

ISaGRAF Development Toolkits give the "C" code developer the source files needed to port the Runtime Target (with alarms, trends, and other enhancements) to specific hardware platforms and operating systems, add C functions and function blocks, develop specific device drivers and customize the Application Workbench.

The ISaGRAF code generator can produce either C source code or TIC (Target Independent Code). If translated into C files, the descriptions of an application (sources, I/O configuration, etc.) have to be re-compiled and linked with the ISaGRAF Runtime Target code to obtain an executable file. This functionality, which requires files included in the ISaGRAF I/O Development Toolkit or in the ISaGRAF Development Toolkit products, is primarily used for safety (so that the compiled target plus application code ca not be modified by the end-user) or performance (faster cycle timing).