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ICS Triplex ISaGRAF Products

Control Products:

ISaGRAF is the reference and de facto standard in automation software technology. Introduced in 1990, it was originally designed to bridge the gap between microcomputer systems and PLCs. It has grown to become the leading software technology for open automation, applicable to the traditional automation, embedded control and soft logic markets.

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Web Products:

HiBeam is the combination of an embeddable event-driven data server with an embeddable java-based web server, and an optional specialized web page builder. It can be used to display data and/or graphical representations of information. The powerful HiBeam components can enable the visualization, diagnosis and graphical debugging of real-time processes via any Internet or Intranet browser. It is used to display real-time data in a graphic form and/or to act on real-time devices through the graphic interface. Applications range from remote monitoring to local thin-client HMIs.

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